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Aboriginal Intensive Family Support

While working intensively with Aboriginal families cultural safety and cultural connection is paramount.


Our multidisciplinary team of Aboriginal professionals are trained to utilise the home builders IFS model with an Aboriginal lens. We provide a culturally appropriate Aboriginal Intensive Family Support Service while working closely with our partners to foster child safety and positive change.  


During our Aboriginal Intensive Family Support program, the safety and well-being of children are our highest priority. We recognise that addressing child protection challenges requires a structured and comprehensive approach.

That's why our program is designed to span over 12 weeks, allowing us to address the unique needs of each family and provide sustained support.

Throughout the 12-week program, our dedicated team of multidisciplinary professionals is based on the Home Builders Intensive Family Support (IFS) model  that has been developed to include a Aboriginal culturally sensitive and approach.


We understand the importance of cultural safety and connection while working intensively with Aboriginal families, and we prioritize these elements throughout our interventions.

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