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Family Time & Transport

Family Time

With a wealth of experience in the supervision of Aboriginal families, Sydney Aboriginal Family Support Service is equipped with the expertise to navigate the complexities of cultural nuances. We understand that effective supervision requires a deep understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal cultural protocols, values, and traditions.

Our team brings extensive experience in working with Aboriginal families, allowing us to navigate cultural sensitivities and ensure that our supervision practices align with the unique needs and aspirations of each family. We recognize the importance of culturally appropriate supervision in promoting positive outcomes and maintaining the well-being of Aboriginal children and their families.

By incorporating cultural protocols and engaging with families in a culturally respectful manner, we create a safe and supportive space for supervision. Our team's deep understanding of cultural nuances enables us to build trust and establish meaningful connections with Aboriginal families, fostering an environment where open communication and collaboration thrive.

At SAFSS, we are committed to providing culturally responsive supervision that recognises and respects the strengths, resilience, and aspirations of Aboriginal families. Through our extensive experience, we have honed our skills in navigating the complexities of cultural dynamics, ensuring that our supervision practices align with the cultural values and traditions of the communities we serve.

When you choose our services, you can have confidence in our ability to provide supervision that not only meets regulatory requirements but also respects and upholds the cultural identity and dignity of Aboriginal families.


Our aim is to support and empower families through a culturally sensitive and strengths-based approach, ultimately contributing to their well-being, growth, and success.

Supervised Transport

Ensuring safe and empowering transportation experiences for Aboriginal children and families is of utmost importance at SAFSS. We understand that without the presence of cultural safety and understanding, Aboriginal individuals may experience disempowerment, triggers, and feelings of unsafety during transportation.

To address these concerns, SAFSS is committed to reducing these impacts by offering a high level of Aboriginal Cultural expertise, employing Aboriginal workers, and applying an Aboriginal lens to our trauma-informed, child-centered practices. We firmly believe that cultural safety plays a crucial role in creating an environment where Aboriginal families can feel secure, respected, and supported throughout their transportation journeys.

Our culturally appropriate transportation service is designed to promote cultural safety by incorporating cultural protocols, values, and practices. We ensure that every aspect of the transportation experience is culturally respectful and responsive to the needs and preferences of Aboriginal families. By fostering an atmosphere of cultural safety, we aim to empower Aboriginal children and families during their transportation and contribute to their overall well-being.

SAFSS recognizes that transportation is not merely a means of getting from one place to another, but a significant aspect of a person's daily life. We strive to make each transportation experience positive, inclusive, and reflective of the diverse cultural identities and backgrounds of the families we serve.

If you are seeking a transportation service that values cultural safety, understanding, and empowerment for Aboriginal children and families, we invite you to contact us today. Our team is dedicated to providing a culturally appropriate and supportive transportation experience, ensuring that Aboriginal families can travel with confidence, dignity, and peace of mind.

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