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Our Team

At SAFSS, we offer cultural safety and cultural responsiveness while utilising a multi-disciplinary team to build resilience, safety, and cultural connection. We believe that a single action can make a difference in kids' lives and that collective action can greatly impact the Aboriginal community. That is why our team has designed the Koori Kids Camp.


We believe that taking a strengths-based, person-centred, trauma-informed approach, will allow young Aboriginal people to explore their connection to land and culture. We can strengthen, empower, and inspire Aboriginal kids and have a heap of fun with them while doing it!


Our Aim

  • To enrich Aboriginal kids' lives through practical hands-on experience

  • To empower Aboriginal kids through cultural understanding and knowledge

  • To build the resilience of Aboriginal kids so they leave the camp with a stronger sense of self


Our goals are for the kids to:

  • Have FUN

  • Learn through practical hands-on EXPERIENCE

  • Gain new life and cultural SKILLS

  • Enhance their CULTURAL knowledge

  • Meet new people & make new FRIENDS

Our Approach

We take Aboriginal kids back to the bush to help them reconnect to the land in a safe and structured environment. We increase their confidence and achieve incremental person-centred goals. We work on building resilience by providing opportunities for personal growth which requires individuals to work on themselves and as a team.

We take a structured approach at Koori Kids Camp

The children will take part in a variety of activities.

They will participate in team-building exercises to strengthen their connection and bond with their peers.


Our cultural lessons are a pinnacle within our camps. These include imparting knowledge of:

  • Aboriginal art creation

  • Aboriginal history

  • Spear throwing

  • Ochre making/body painting

  • Traditional fire lighting

  • Traditional bush survival and resource gathering

  • Aboriginal music and dance

  • Dreamtime story sharing

  • Language

  • Traditional hunting techniques

Robert, 14yrs

“My favourite thing about the snow camp was making new friends."

Rhydah, 8yrs

“One thing I learnt at camp was to throw a boomerang."

Natalie, 12yrs

"This camp taught me to face my fears of making new friends."
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